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This Week's SEO News Updates, February 15-19, 2010

This Week’s dose of SEO updates from across the web for everyone:

Here are five important reasons why you should get yourself certified as an AdWords Professional.

A discussion about how shifts of engines affect brand-based marketing as well as the changes from when engines gave more weight to established brands to having enhanced attention to personalized search, click patterns, and brand preferences.

After Google announced that they will be rolling out a more personalized search even for those who were not logged in into their Google account last year, the SEO community wonders how this will affect future rankings and if clients can see the same rankings as they do? A test was done taking a client’s real-world keywords to see how much rankings has changed depending on how you measured them.

Cross-selling is one of the most powerful tools in improving ones conversion rate. Here is a walk-through on something practical that will immediately impact the conversion potential on any website.

Someone spotted a product at WebmasterWorld which is being sold claiming that it is “Powered by Google Pagerank Certification” of “PR6″.

A thread on WebmasterWorld reported about Bing’s search engine advertising on Intellitxt. Intellitxt are ads which pops up when you mouse over a word.

According to and internal communication with employees, AOL plans to expand Patch, its network of local news blogs from 30 websites to “hundreds” by the end of  2010.

Moore and Edelman, two researchers from Harvard University conducted a simple calculations on how much Google earns and comes up with an estimate of $500M.

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